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Thread: Anyone try the Intel D945GCLF (with integrated Atom 1.6Ghz CPU)

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    I just bought this board for $85 but the only DDR2 RAM I have to test it with are 2 sticks of 256. The board only has a single DIMM slot so will I be able to run Windows XP on a single stick of 256 DDR2 for testing?
    Ampie Case
    2.5" Hard Drive 80GB Samsung 5400RPM
    256 MB DDR2 PC5400
    Xenarc 700TSV - VGA Monitor
    Intel D945GCLF Motherboard

    2005 Honda Civic

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    For testing, XP will run fine on 256MB. You won't be able to run a lot of stuff at once, but it will run. If you do want to be able to run a few apps at one time, your best bet with 256MB is to trim your install with nLite. Then again, a 2GB stick is around $20 shipped from newegg.

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