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Thread: Upgrading to Wireless

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    Talking Upgrading to Wireless

    Hey guys,

    My classes are done and I have 1 more final left next week. I decided this winter I would upgrade the mp3car to WindowsXP as well as install a wireless USB card to get on my network while I'm parked in the driveway.

    I thought I would create a post and show you guys what I'm doing and answer any questions if there were any.

    Previously, to add songs, cartoons and update playlists on my mp3car, I would have to drag a 50 ft cat 5 cable to my driveway, and link it with a hub to the network in the house. It was a major hassle with all the doors, and leaving the key in the ignition, and running back and forth that, so I did it very rarely. So I'm installing a Linksys Wireless USB adapter, as well as WindowsXP to streamline the networking.

    I'm using a Linksys Access Point/Router with 4-port switch from my room which is about 20-30 ft from the driveway. I've also got a wireless laptop, wireless HP Jornada 568 and soon a wireless Mp3Car! Here are some pics....

    The whole setup

    The USB Wireless Network Card

    I posted because I want to hear some comments and feedback about the setup. Also, if you have any questions, I think i've become a jedi linksys network support technician. Don't bother calling support, they think Access Points and Routers are the same thing.


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    Well, you have a nice setup going there ive reccomended linksys to customers before... but there are a few things you gotta realize about wireless, currently with 802.11b (what you have) the max actuall thruput that you will see is ~ 5.5 MBps youve probally already discovered this, Transfering small numbers of files shouldent be bad, but if your going to be transfering larger numbers of file 802.11a while being more expensive would have been a better choice, or the D link devices can do 11MBps true thruput. All in all nice setup, you may want to check for links to antennas that mount outside the car. In my truck with my little belkin usb device I am lucky to be able to authenticate to the network because of all the multipath due to being in a can with a few holes in it(truck cab).

    If ya have any problems or other questions just give me a shout and ill be happy to help
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    I'm definitely sticking with 802.11b. 802.11a just doesn't have the range, unless a custom antenna is attached. I have been reading up on the pringle antennas and the 18"-30" yagi antennas. It's starting to sound like some are able to get up to a 1 mile range on their wireless networks which is pretty damn amazing.

    Ive done some tests and it looks like my driveway is just a few feet out of range for having a good signal. I may have to relocate the wireless access point to another room in the house that's closer. The only problem is the damn Cat5 hanging off of every door frame. It's starting to show around the house as much as I try to hide it. I'll most like cut a little snip in the carpet starting from my room, and an opening snip in the other room and wire it underneath.

    I'll keep this post updated. It doesn't seem to be a very popular topic anymore in this forum. Hehe.


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    Remember a Yagi is a unidirectional antenna, so if you decide to mount on you have to keep it pointed the right place, not easy with a car, park crooked and have no signal. A couple guys at my office have bought USB wireless and didn't like the range on them, seems they are a lot less than pcmcia cards. Since it looks like you have a decent sized case, why not get a pci -> pcmcia adapter and plug a pcmcia card in it. Also the linksys/d-link/belkin/other low end have less range than a Cisco/lucent/etc higher end. You may want to spend the extra to get a more powerfull card. Some of them have a removable plug allowing you to add a cable to an external antenna. With 802.11 being popular there are now car antennas. I was working for a Cisco reseller when they won the city of columbus contract. They are putting a cisco wireless AP in every BP gas station sign for the cop cars to have on board communication. I bet one of those antennas on their trunk is an 802.11 antenna


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