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Thread: Drivers for Mobile VU Universal Computer

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    Drivers for Mobile VU Universal Computer

    I called L3 communications today and they told me they could not help me with drivers for a Mobile Vu Universal computer. They said it was proprietary. Well Duh, that's why I called them? Anyway, they said that if I was not with an "Agency" they would not help me.

    Does anyone have any software or info on these units? I would love a CD of drivers for the Computer.

    This computer came with Windows 2000. Does anyone have any experience with Windows XP coming up with the drivers for this stuff on its own?

    Any help would be totally appreciated.


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    Mobile VU drivers

    I have been working with outdated versions of motherboards for many years even motherboards from hell.
    Your pc needs only sound ,video ,and the inputs for control.
    Anything else for drivers is just drivers for the cards you have connected to it.
    If you want the motherboard drivers check the numbers on the chips and type in to search

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