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Thread: Case Recommendation Needed

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    Case Recommendation Needed

    so i got my 5677 and it will not work for a number of reasons. 1 being my sound card, the other being my need for a large power supply.

    what i have so far:
    msi fuzzy gm965 board
    2x 1gb low profile ram
    onkyo se90-pci sound card

    room for large power supply (dsatx or opus 320w)
    1 pci slot

    i'm looking at the casetronic/travla 158 so any experience with that case would be especially appreciated. thanks.

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    bump. dont want to buy another case that doesn't work. leaning towards the opus 320w.

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    there's not a really GREAT market for ITX cases with room for pci cards... u might as well find urself a nice mAtx case. The IBM netvistas come with slim cases that will fit an itx board, power supply, and pci without a problem. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    its not so much the pci that im having problems with as being sure a large power supply will fit. i wish some of these case manufacturers would provide some tech drawings.

    custom is looking like an option.

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