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Thread: motor backdrive

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    motor backdrive

    I am building a motor controller that drives a motor then briefly drives it in the reverse direction for a fraction of a degree once power is deactivated (if turning clockwise CW a counterclockwise CCW pulse is required, if turning CCW, a CW pulse is required).

    Is anyone able to assist with a circuit that enables this? As I said, the reverse rotation is very brief, perhaps a 555 timer based solution. The problem I have at the moment is being able to "remember" the polarity of the initial rotation so that the timer is able to correctly send the motor in teh reverse direction.


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    If you use a stepper motor it is much more precise.

    My opinion is to use a cheap PIC.

    if you want to do it all logic chip based, then to remember polarity use a latch (ff).
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