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Thread: Distance between power and audio wires?

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    Distance between power and audio wires?

    Hi, just a very quick question (I searched google and mp3car).

    Im running wires for my amp into the trunk, how far away should they be? I ran the 8 awg power straight down the center of the car because my distribution block is nicely tucked away under the armrest console. I have high quality special shielded audio cables and it would be a shame if I ran them too close.

    So while I still have my rear seats out, does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have enough wire to run either power or audio through the door trim panels so... how far apart SHOULD they be?


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    With proper grounding you could run them within a few inches of each other.

    Do your "quality special shielded audio cables" have a drain wire (a wire attached to the shield on the cable) on either end? If they have a drain wire you can attach that (via a ring terminal) to a good ground, make sure it's only on one end of the cable or you'll create a ground loop (an antenna that picks up extra noise).

    If not just make sure the power and audio cables don't run next to & parallel with each other and keep at least a few inches separation (like 5"-7").

    Power cables will couple with data cables and introduce noise into the data cable when their EMI fields interlace, usually when the two are run parallel with each other.

    There are some formulas and factors based on the power & awg that may be found on Google if you want to get extreme...
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    The audio cable does not have a drain wire, but it does have the thing (I forget what it's called) where it's only grounded on one side. The wire has an arrow that points in the signal direction so you know which side is grounded, etc.

    Thanks for the info, Ill just run them on separate sides of the center armrest console, there's a good 8 inches+ in there. Thanks.

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