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Thread: Carputer Cooling

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    Carputer Cooling

    Anyone have any ideas on how to cool my carputer. It is in a 2004 Nissan Exterra and I live in Arizona. Right now the average temp outside is about 110 degrees. I'm affraid my carputer is going to just fry. I though about running a hose from my AC but when you first turn it on it blows air hotter than the deeps darkest parts of hell. If I crack the windows open the car isn't that bad but still around 120 degrees. I've looked into water cooling but the water would probably be just as hot as the air. So if anyone has any input it would be much appreciated.

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    liquid cooling is best choice for you. Its big though, so expect a regular case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punky View Post
    liquid cooling is best choice for you. Its big though, so expect a regular case.
    Why would you say that?

    Get the car running drop the cabin temp with AC, run the case fans for a bit then power up the PC.
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    If you go with liquid cooling, I'd suggest hooking something up like a transmission cooler for the watercooling radiator, mount it up front - in front of the engine radiator, that way it's away from the engine heat, gets good airflow, and large enough to be used passively (for a lower wattage system). With a setup like this though, be sure you use large enough tubing with a good pump as it will need to push that water a long way possibly through a lot of bends which increase flow resistance.

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    Why don't you monitor the temperature of the PC with some temperature monitoring software? Right now, you think this is a problem. You don't actually know at the moment.

    I think the main issue is not 110 degree heat but the extreme 150+ degree heat builds up in the car. If the PC is mounted on the floor, though, you won't see that kind of heat. If it is inside the dash, it could be a different matter.
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    Water cooling mang...
    I'm starting my install soon...

    There are LOTS of rads available for PC water cooling...and you don't need it mounted out in the air stream...a couple of fans will work perfectly...

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    I don't think you should be concerned. I live in the Middle East and never had any problem with my car PC (mounted underneath driver seat). Hottest I have recorded on the car thermometer was 150F/65C. I have one outlet of the AC pointing to my screen to keep it cool.

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    Don't think its a problem, i had mine near the engine bay, and it could get real hot there, one time the pc, or the m2 switched of because of that. So it will switch off when it gets to hot, after cooling it down it works once again. I wouldn’t use the airco straight on the mobo, heat-shock is worse than high tempter

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    thread moved....why this was in the forum suggestions/comments section I don't know....
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    Most window tint places sell it. Cost is about twice as much as high end metallic tint.

    When you park, leave your AC in any position EXCEPT OFF or MAX.

    Use a small solar panel and a fan to blow air out the cabin vent (probably in the tailgate).

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