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Thread: Pc in the car and low autside temperature. ( winter time )

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    Pc in the car and low autside temperature. ( winter time )

    I got a problem.
    I am working on my car project, but I have stopped right now becouse I come on another problem.
    The problem is freezing temperature.
    I live in Norway and in winter the temperature is always under 0 deegrease. (often -10 to -25).
    So the condensation ( or that is name is in english) will be a big problem, becouse cald outside tempereature and warm air in the pc will make wather on top of the case and the pc will probably stop worink. If ypu know what I mean.
    Now, this is only my teory.

    Somone who has some ideas about how to fix this problem, or maby somone har fixed it, or any others experienses?
    I really need you help guys.
    (The pc is shuttle XPC)

    PS! Sorry for my english. Just write if you donŠt understend what i mean, then i will corect it.. thx.

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    USE THE SEARCH OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    check your pm
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    Winter temperatures are rarely a problem. This topic has been covered hundreds of times before. It is polite to search a forum before posting a question, ESPECIALLY if you are a new user.
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