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Thread: cant get mp3player to turn on!!

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    Lightbulb cant get mp3player to turn on!!

    i'm going crazy, i hooked up the power supply to everything it needed to be. i pluged it into an outlet and nothing, i read the atx power supply faq, and i believe i did everything right. please help me if you can!!i'm on my second power supply now.

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    hi i think i know whats wrong this happened to me this past weekend.
    the motherboard remotely turns on the ATX power supply. to turn it on find the row of pins where the speaker, switches, etc turn on and bridge the two that go to the soft power switch that is usually located on the front of the computer. look in the motherboard manual to identify them. once you connect the 2 pins with something such as a screwdriver for a second or two the ps should turn on.
    good luck and make double sure it is the correct two pins.


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