Well, I just got all the parts for my first and new little computer project. I'm using the D201GLY2A along with an old PSU I was given for free.

So, I go ahead and connect the 2x10 main power and I connect a 4-pin molex to the 2x2 power using an adapter cable. I plug in a usb mouse and a ps2 keyboard as well as some buttons pulled out of an old computer to power on the machine.

So, the only things plugged in are RAM, PSU, Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor. Nothing else. It powers on, the LED's on the front panel and on the mobo itself go on. The front panel LED turns on, then off for .5 seconds, then back on, which according to the manual means that POST was completed. After that, it continues to stay on.

However, no power is being sent to my USB ports (thus, my mouse dosen't light up) and my keyboard lights do not come on. Further more, I get no video output. I really am completely stumped. I tried switching between 115 and 230 V on the PSU with no differnce in operation. I also tried a differnt PSU, but I got a high pitched sound from the PSU and the mobo did not turn on (I'm assuming the PSU is broken even though it dosen't do that in my other broken computer when turned on). I hope that diden't hurt anything, though, reverting to the old psu showed the same things as before.

I'm using the RAM at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820146580 and it was reported to work properly with the mobo according to someone else on this forum.

I really am completely stumped, but am hoping that i'm just doing something stupid and that nothing is actually broken :S Any advice would be appreciated.