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Thread: CarPC Slowdown - Computer its half its speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGGKATT01 View Post
    ...with 2 gigs of rams
    What? Why on earth would you need that much for anything? XP runs fine with 512Mb. If the PC ran fine earlier, a RAM upgrade is not a solution, it's just delaying the problem.

    I'd suggest Ghosting the drive to back it up, then reformatting the disk and re-installing. It sounds like either a Windows developed problem (is svchost.exe devouring huge amounts of memory?) or the hard drive is on its way out.

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    Check out Sysinternals Suite from Microsoft (they bought the company and haven't boogered up the utilities ). It has some great utilities to see just what is going on "under the hood."

    In particular, try the Process Explorer (ProcExp) to see the resources evfery process and process tree is using.

    Another utility in the suite, AutoRuns, will show everything configured to start automatically at boot.

    Many of the utilities are command line programs but some (like ProcExp) are Windows programs.


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