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Thread: 8GB Sandisk Extreme IV only detecting 2GB

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    I got a 2gb Sony MicroVault off ebay once. Come to find out it was a 128mb drive formatted with a utility that let it show 2gb. I found the utility, changed the name of the device to EatMyPoo, formatted it to 8gb, and then set it on fire.

    Anyway, sad to hear man. It could also be a mistake on the sellers part. I once got busted for selling what I thought were snap-on branded harley davidson socket sets. Come to find out, they were not snap-on. Ooopsie. Could be that he bought a couple cards thinking he got a hell of a deal, and didn't bother to test them.

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    I have a feeling that since he got shut down after I bought it and looking on ebay at the high amount of cards that seem to be scams (it appears to be a lot, they should really clean it up), I have a feeling that I had a guy that used to be good, turned bad. I figure that is how they do it, they sell legit items for decent price, then once their rating gets high enough they put this crap on there and sell it for a couple of weeks before anybody catches on. By then they are long gone.

    The one thing that is a mystery to me is why did they even bother sending anything. They already had my money and their ebay account was shut down before they shipped it.

    Oh well, hopefully paypal can take care of it. They have come through for me before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    I bought the sandisk cruzer off of ebay and when I put mine in it reads that it is 3.5 GB but i bought 4 GB. The rest is being used for built in applications that cant be removed. Your missing a whole 6 GB though, thats very odd.
    Actually thats because of the misnomer that a gigabyte is equal to 1,000,000,000 bytes when in reality, 1024 bytes equals 1 kb, 1024 kb equals 1 mb, and then 1024 mb equals 1gb. Remember, everything is in powers of two! I have "500" gb hard drive that when it is formatted is really only 460ish gb of free space.

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    I notice alot of people are doing shady stuff on Ebay. I bought a MoBo for a friend off of ebay and when i got it, it wasnt what I ordered. I complained to the seller, then next thing you know he was kicked off of ebay for breaking rules. When i went to go ask ebay what happened they said it was classified and that i should take it up with paypal. Thankfully i was able to use the MoBo. Same thing happened with some USB headers i ordered, as soon as i hit send payment, I get a email that this user has commited fraud. So I waited 3 days and the items came in the mail. Its becoming very hard to trust people on Ebay.
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