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Thread: trying to decide where to go.

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    trying to decide where to go.

    ok guys, i am a little lost on where to go as far as a mobo. im in need of something that is going to let me run sat. radio, fusion brain, griffin powermate, and be bit perfect. it will also be holding all of my music and videos. i am a HUGE SQ guy and that is one of the main reasons for running my own system. I have a JL system in the truck and im currently going to be upgrading my components to some high end components. can you guys point me in a direction for a starting point for this system? looking to have somewhat quick boot times.

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    Look up RedGTiVR6's systems she's used in the past to get a good idea on what to get. She's been doing SQ for some time now. She's not here to hold anyone's hand tho...

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    i dont want my hand held. i am just stuck on a starting point. i appreciate the lead.

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