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Thread: Creative XI-FI won't run

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    Creative XI-FI won't run

    a few weeks ago i bought the sound blaster card creative xi-fi. i tried it with my home pc and everything went fine. after that i tried it with my car pc. i installed it the exact same way like on my home pc, but when i tried to play a mp3 file after the installation winamp never played the song. i tried it also with different media players - no success. the player opens but there's no sound. when i switch to my onboard sound everything is ok. any ideas??

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    Do you have the driver installed? Perhaps the board defaults to spdif output. Make sure that "speaker out" is set to default.

    I've got an X-Fi in my car and it sounds great.

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    yeah off course i have installed the driver.i gotta look if it's to spdif. but i don't think so. i installed it the same way like on my home pc and on my home pc it works.
    the weired thing is, that winamp not even plays the mp3 files. it shows 00:00 in time duration and i can't click to play the song!!

    maybe the x-fi don't run on via motherboards with via processors??

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