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Thread: retro installing Sata drive

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    retro installing Sata drive

    Hi all

    I've set my pc up with an ide drive with all my software and it is working fine.

    i managed to liberate my old PSŁ 40gb Sata drive and connected it up, and whilst its being recognised in bios/post, XP (on my ide) does not recognise it.

    I know i need to install drivers, but am unsure how to, as it asks me to install the drivers to a floppy (my carpc doesn't have a floppy drive)

    any ideas??

    Thanks all!

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    I believe you can slipstream the drivers into an n-lited XP install. Is this going to be a boot drive?

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    copy the drivers onto a usb flash drive..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woofnstuff View Post
    copy the drivers onto a usb flash drive..
    No versions of XP that I have (legit original, legit SP1, and... others) support loading SATA drivers off of a USB drive during an XP install.

    So if you want to make the SATA the boot drive, you will need either a slipstreamed install disk or a floppy drive and disk.

    If you want the SATA to be a secondary, then you just need to get the CD that came with your mobo and grab the drivers off of it (or download from manufacturer's website) while booted into windows, install, and reboot.

    Also you can see what mode the SATA is on in the BIOS. Change to IDE if you can and still have the problems.
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