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Thread: what mobo for carnetix p1900??

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    what mobo for carnetix p1900??

    ok guys

    So I already have all the parts for a carputer except a mobo, I bought an M2-atx then decided to buy an aopen i945 gtt-vfa so I had to buy a carnetix ... mobo crapped out and i put down the project

    So now I decided to pick it up again and am wanteing to know what mobos I should consider for the carnetix ... any ideas??


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    You need a motherboard that accepts a single voltage.
    Several of the Via EPIA boards accept 12v.

    Really, the Carnetix is designed for a laptop or mini PC, liek your AOpen unit. You may want to go that route instead.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hmmm thanks for the response ... maybe Ill just sell the carnetix and look for a different mobo instead.

    any reccomendations for a good one to try right now??

    I want something very FAST and I realize it cannot eat up too much power so i am open to whatever the best solution might be

    If its any help it all the cpu wil be going in a 1999 jeep Grand Cherokee AKA: WJ


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