Not to get into it, but no, I didnt ask a question initially.
What happened was:

Someone dropped in to ask "how many duplicate posts" I was going to enter.

I asked him if he knew a better way or tracking the ones I added to post one.

Then you answered the question I asked him.

All of which I really dont see the point of.
We have mods here, if Im doing something improper I would imagine a mod would either tell me or mod the post.

So I'm sure somewhere on this board there is someone asking a question that your considerable experience (eight year member) may be of genuine help to, but this isnt that place.

Thanks for your input on the MB you are using, I updated post one with your info.
I noticed (after you offered your input on how I should post here) that you charmingly indiacted <unsubscribed>, that was nice.
Didnt understand why you felt it necessary to return if you <unsubscribed> ?