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Thread: hard drive dissappears in windoze

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    hard drive dissappears in windoze

    I have a 40 gig w/d drive and 40 maxtor gig and windows XP, my problem is the sometimes the d: drive sometimes just dissappears from my computer and is no longer accessible. I t seem sonce i shut down and restart with no specific amount fo off time could be 30 sec or 4 hours the d drive reappears? could it be heat cuasing the hd electronics to poop themselves or.......

    thanks for yor help guys

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    Windows XP service pack was suppose to fix that problem, so update you windows if that does not help if you could try switching the SLAVE and PRIMARY drives around (probally cant do this without a good format) or check for loose wires and power cables.

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    i've had this problem. Try to set your drives to master and slave if you use cable select
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