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Thread: How many of you know this fact about HDTV?

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    How many of you know this fact about HDTV?

    I am surprise that HDTV has been out for at least 8 years for the common consumer And still many people I speak with do not realize that you can receive HD broadcast via a standard old antenna (rabbit ears/old roof ant/powered ant) As long as you live in a city which has the capability(most U.S cities do), you can receive it to your HDTV. Today, just about every HDTV has a tuner built-in.
    So that said please post comments if you never knew or run into a lot of people that dont know.

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    I used to work at circuit city, and most customers did not know this fact.

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    A lot of people using MythTV (Linux based PVR software) are doing this right now. All you need is an OTA tuner card and your pc can pick it up too. This should technically work in the car if you weren't moving, but may work in motion.
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    I've plugged rabbit ears into my SDTV and managed to pull down a few digital signals.

    I'm guessing that many people saw home improvement type shows in the early HDTV period, and they always installed some 'HDTV Antenna' to go with a new HDTV.

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    Since all the Push to Digital, I get more OTA channles then I was ever used to, adn the pictuer is 100X better, only thing is I don't watch local channles
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    Yes indeed. Also ota digital signals are not compressed as some providers do. The reception is great! I use the On Air GT by Autumn wave, which eliminates multipathing problems.
    This should technically work in the car if you weren't moving, but may work in motion.
    I have tryed a lot of different things with this. Yes while the car is moving the signal fades in and out, but is not like an analog signal. The picture is there, or it is not there. So when the car moves and goes around turns and such the path to the receiving antenna is easily obstructed (depending on what type of antenna you use). This could be fixed pretty simply, by using a more ... Omnidirectional? antenna. Or some maybe slightly heliocentric. Basically as the car moves in different directions the signal is never outta sight. Anyway, HD rocks! DONT watch tv and drive!

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