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Thread: Opinions on this hard drive

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    Yeah, that's what I just did, purchased a new EE seagate drive too. 80GB notebook HD that operates between -30C to +85C and designed for automotive use. Got lucky and won it on ebay for $32 + $9 shipping.

    Also if you check the specs of most SSD drives, they don't operate below 0C making it a poor choice for cold weather. Beware not all SSD drives are fast, the one I had was painfully slow.

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    Wow: nice price. I think mine was like $175.

    The SSDs I saw operated down to -10 celcius: about 14 degree farenheit. It gets colder here in the winter: thought I would be extremely surprised to see an SSD drive not operate at colder temperatures.

    I am still thinking of getting a 32GBytes SSD for the faster bootup times. Hibernation can be a pain: doing a shutdown with fast boot would really be ideal.

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    You can get those super fast 32GB Core Series for just $140 shipped (lowest price Ive seen):

    I wonder if anyone has opinions? I think these are supposed to be faster than the WD Raptors. But the thing that worries me is the MLC chips used only have about 10000 write cycles vs SLCs which have 1 million. Kind of tempted to get one for myself...

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