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Thread: Question about HD Radio

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    Question about HD Radio

    and first of all thank you very much for a brilliant forum.Ive been reading here for about a year now and have built myself a carpc just by reading all kinds of hints and tips around here.
    My carpc is now finished, but one thing im lacking is a proper radio.I have a ADStech USB stick, but the reception is not good enough for me. When i connect it to my cars antenna i only get about half of the stations from what i get with my normal car radio.
    Ofcourse the missing stations are the ones i would listenen to most.

    My question is: Would HD radio system work with just analog reception since we dont have digital broadcasting here in Finland.Im just wondering if i could get better reception with that than with the usb stick.

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    Yah, the Visteon HDZ300 will receive regular FM broadcasting. The HDR radios are made for cars, unlike USB ones that are meant for pcs.

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    Thank you for the answer.Ordered the HD radio and the cable, will update here how wthings go after i get them.

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    Got my cable and HD unit yesterday.The radio works really good with the software from mitchjs (for the channels that happen to get in the range...lot of our channels end .0, .2, .4, .6, .8)

    Cant get it to work in RR tough.The radio clicks(power) and RR seems to find it(no error about not finding it)but theres no sound at all.Not even static.
    Other thing that wonders me is that when i do a scan for channels in RR it just goes in full Mhz (88.00, 89.00, 90.00 etc...)
    Also if i try manual scan it goes all the way to 88.90 and then drops back to 88.00.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did a full windows reinstall and now everything works fine.Finally i got the radio i need for my carputer.GREAT!

    This really beats that usb stick in sound quality and reception.

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