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Thread: Need Help Building Carputer....

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    Need Help Building Carputer....

    Hey guys. Like the title says. I need help with building a carputer. This is going to be my first carputer. I am an installer now and was wondering if you guys could help me build my first carputer. Presently in my car is have:

    Alpine IVA-W505 /w Ipod Control & Ipod Video
    Alpine PDX4.150 4 Channel Amplifier
    Alpine 800 Watt Sub Amp
    Alpine Navigation
    Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Kit

    Now i think thats all the information needed. I know that the IVA-W505 has Audio/Video Input. I know some carputers have a RCA Video Output to go into a tv screen. But will the touchscreen function of my existing radio work with the carputer. Also my main reason for wanting this carputer is because of the WiFi/At&t 3G Internet Card, music/movie storge (as I have lots of hard-drives with music and movies on them), and for solitaire (for car shows lol). So i was wondering if you guys could help me build a carputer for around $400-$500 dollars. Which I think is doable with the right assistance from you guys.

    Thanks In Advance

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    Not gonna happen. The touchscreen won't work with the computer.

    Also, RCA inputs will make the text look fuzzy.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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