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Thread: OCZ Core Series OCZSSD2-1C64G 2.5" Grab yourself a 64GB solid-state drive for $99

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    That's a bit disappointing...with SSD I would have thought you just use it like a normal drive. I guess the mainstream stuff still has a while to go before being practical and a suitable hard drive replacement.

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    I'm not surprised about writes being slow, as copying files to a usb drive is much slower than reading it. Are the SSD drives faster than say a CF hooked up to an IDE port?

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    USB memory stick works pretty good with large files, same goes for most MLC SSD drives. But as soon as you do a lot of small writes it chokes and EWF helps alleviate this problem. SSD drives may be a bit better because it has wear level algorithm, and it's optimized for hard drive use. Again the only SSD drive I would purchased today are SLC SSD or the new intel MLC SSD drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _dopehead_ View Post
    I read a test of the new intel x25 ssd compared with ocz and others, and there is some general issues with random-write/random-read on pretty much all of them except intel's new x25.

    Found the article,
    god damn :s
    six hundred dollars???

    PS: what's an ewf?

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