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Thread: Basic all in one for $250 on Ebay! Has carputing been rendered obsolete? 7" tft 806

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    This is similar to some of the Eonon products. Would work great for alot of consumers, but definitely not for car pc users.

    The Win.CE is normally embedded on the board and no possible way to skin any portion.

    Also remember in the US as of Feb 2009 the built-in TV tuner is useless.
    In general they work pretty DVDs great and movies and mp3s of of USB good. Their software normally restricts reading any files other than AV of of USB to keep you from customizing...

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    Even with all the other junk.... the 4GB storage max would make me crash into a wall.

    On a side note... you're probably better off with XP than Vista as an OS

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