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Nice! thanks for the input. Only $20 more and offers SATA, more ram capacity, bigger CPU (any idea what the 330 is comparable to?)... I like, thanks!!
That's the board I am gonna use also. The atom 330 runs @ ~1.6GHz and consumes about 8W under full load. It's very efficient. Check out the thread just above this one, it's about this exact board. The whole thing consumes <50W with the processor running at full load and two USB devices running.

Also, it offers SATAII, not just SATA. I'll be using a 3.0gbps HDD

Edit: The post above mine is comparing the GCLF to GCLF2. The GCLF2 is what you're looking at (Atom330) which is a dual core and a bit faster than the GCLF which is Atom230 and single core. Lastly, the GCLF2 gives you gigabit internet for all your mobile hacking adventures