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Thread: A/C Controlls with Servos

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    A/C Controlls with Servos

    Wow, I've heard about doing this but I am in over my head after searching. Found a couple threads with countless pages of things I can't comprehend haha. I thought that there was a simple program already made for fusion with a way to control them with it? Basically I changed my 97 Civic dash to a 99 SI which has the electronic controls and I was just going to contrapt some kinda manual thing to control the cables with a knob but I am coming up blank. So I am considering this route but please do share what you think I should do and if there is a decent way to control it manually. Thanks!

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    If you want an electronic way to control your AC, search for "servo testers" on e-bay. Basically, you plug in the servo, and there's pot. You control the pot and the servo reacts accordingly to match it.

    Another thing it to look up "servo control arduino", so you can use an arduino (basically a small microcontroller) to control servos as well.

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