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Thread: USB Soundcard Suggestions

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    USB Soundcard Suggestions

    Hey guys -

    Looking for a good USB sound card setup... What are some suggestions? On all of my desktops, I use Creative, of course... Just seeing if there are any other good options out there?

    I enjoy having lots of control over the sound and a good quality sound!

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    Well I have the Creative Audigy 2NX one which is a bit old, I think they came out around 5 yrs ago. Sound pretty good and has the Toslink input which is nice cuz I have my XM unit connected up to that.

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    i bought a Creative Live 24bit External USB Sound Blaster Thingy and i found it to be annoying. I couldn't get the subwoofer loud enough, but the front and rear channels were fine. Couldnt get it to work properly inside the house either. went back to onboard. only a very slight decrease. Oh yeah and Centrafuse couldnt control individual channel volume.

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