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Thread: Carpc freezing at boot up

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    Carpc freezing at boot up

    Hey latley Ive had problems with my car pc booting up. I dont know if it is due to the cold weather (40 degrees) or of recently putting the fusion brain in. I dont think its because of the weather since last winter I did not have this problem as far as i remember.

    I have my pc set up so that when I shut the car down, my pc goes to hibernation. So my problem occurs when I turn on the car, the pc boots up just fine, then when its fully boot up a second later it just freezes. When I hit the reset switch it reboots and works just fine. Only started happening recently. Very curious to know why its happening??

    Any ideas?? thanks

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    to rule out the fusion brain, remove it from the picture & uninstall drivers/software the fusion brain came with (if any)

    Also just make sure any app which was modified to utilise it is also put back to the configs it had prior then see how it goes.

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    ok this might seem strange but my the freezing only happens when i open a door in my car. if i am idling and open ither driver or passenger door it instantly freezes. what could this be? is this a grounding problem? thanks

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