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Thread: Problems with 20x4 lcd

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    Post Problems with 20x4 lcd

    well after several interesting problems with my display im now stranded with a display that will not display all the dots.

    if 1 x consists of 8 dot lines the fifth line is out for 1x and 3x of the 4x's

    This problems annoys me, and i will be tripple checking all connections and soldering points ..... again ...sigh

    btw: Awgeek, sorry to hear about the problems with your car. how ever fell blessed that you had a service contract since your problems would have been fairly costly.

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    Thanks for the sympathy I am going to try to get rid of it, or at least be a thorn in GMs side. I just took it in Friday (8-11) again, this time the injector only clogged, not failed. So I'll be going back again, soon, I'm sure.



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