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Thread: 2.8" Laptop PC - COOL!

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    2.8" Laptop PC - COOL!

    It's tiny, I know it's not a total replacement for a full-on carPC, but it's pretty damn cool! Woncer if there will be other's like it down the road...

    The iKIT, officially dubbed a "Pocket Mobile Companion," is a familiar, if miniaturized, clamshell device with a QWERTY keyboard, Linux OS, Wi-Fi, 0.3-megapixel webcam, and a mini-USB port. It has 64MB of RAM and supports storage on regular SD cards (up to 8GB in size), and it's preloaded with apps, including the usual contact managers, messaging systems, a media player, and the Opera Mini web browser. It's really designed to be used as alternative to your cell phone for mobile email and messaging needs, but given all its capabilities and features, the idea that it can replace your laptop -- at least some of the time -- isn't that much of a stretch.

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    Gay. What a waste. There is no practical purpose for it.

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    hang on my phone can do eveything that can do and more!

    i dont get what they are trying to sell this as


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