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Thread: Carpc components

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    Carpc components

    Hi there. I have been slowly collecting a few parts for my carpc and just need some recommendations for my system.
    What I want to achieve-
    A fairly simple system with no internet access. In dash touchscreen for centrafuse (mostly for GPS and music) and a roof mounted composite screen only for dvd. I already have the roof mounted screen from the cars previous owner and most of the components for the system.

    I plan on getting an Intel D945GCLF
    Lilliput 629

    The things I am not sure on is the video and the sound.
    What can I use to send Video to the touch screen via VGA and to the roof screen via composite/vga? I want to be able to have centrafuse displaying GPS at the same time as the roof screen is playing a dvd. I have a radeon 9550 card with vga,composite and s-video, will this work?

    Now for sound. I already have a 4ch amp running my 4 speakers and a 2ch amp running my sub. Because there is only one PCI slot on the motherboard I will have to go for USB sound, or onboard sound?. Is there a card that will run front, rear and sub?

    Thanks for any input!

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    If you go for the d945gclf2, it has onboard vga and tv-out plus the onboard sound is 6 channel as opposed to the d945gclf2 which is only 4 channel onboard so you won;t need any add on cards at all It's only slightly more expensive than the d945gclf and it's dual core.
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    That board looks perfect Nislo, had a quick look and i can pick one up for around AU$100. Just need to find out if it will support both its video outputs at the same time.

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