has anyone looked at the ASUS P5N7A-VM? its the new 9300/730i chipset with intel cpu, which i thought a (Intel Core 2 Duo) e7200 or E8400 would be really nice

I thought about even having such a system were you underclock it to save even more watts and less heat

seems that you can play blue ray and other stuff with ease, and its better then the 780g with an intel chip of 65w which is far better then amd as far as performance you can underclock the intel chip and get to were the 45w amd chips are at and still have more performance, the virtualization plus the huge l2 cache i think are a major plus

the only major con i can see is the price of intel cpu and this mobo vs ati/amd

reading the reviews it seems you get the best of both worlds, the amd cpu that comes close to the intel chip is a quad core which sucks way too much power, but the 780g is good, while the intel mobo has really bad IGP, but with the nvidia and intel combo you get the best of both

btw newegg sells both cpu and the mobo