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Thread: Help me understand Steering Wheel Controls

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    Help me understand Steering Wheel Controls

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to make a Steering Wheel Interface for my Bluetooth kit... and there's a possibility I could make this something that others could use.

    I just need a start in the right direction and you guys seem knowledgeable on the subject - would appreciate your help as Google isn't giving me the answer. With resistive steering wheel controls, am I right in thinking there are two types of doing it?

    1) Fixed voltage supply, through resistive switches, returns back to radio, radio detects voltage that comes back.

    2) Voltage supply, through resistive switches, on to Ground. Radio detects different resistances to ground?

    If that's the case, then one type is based on current coming into the radio and the other is based on current going out?

    Also - do vehicles use some form of regulator to allow for the difference between ~12V on Battery Power and ~14 Volts while the engine is running?



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    That answers the first part...

    But then for the second question... is the supply voltage the same regardless of whether the vehicle is running or on the battery?

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