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Thread: need a part

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    need a part

    I was wondering if someone on these boards could make a part or know where to get it I have a automotive case and power supply the power supply has a 20 pin female connector on it and you plug a male 20 pin to 20 pin cable in it to motherboard but I have a 24 pin motherboard I would like to put in the automotive case the only problem not much space in case so doing the cable then a 20 pin to 24 pin adapter is just to much cable and I can not solder very well at all to make a 20 pin male to 24 pin male cable so if anybody could help or tell me where to find it that would be great

    thanks jason

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    This will convert your 20 pin to 24 pin that you need.

    take a look at this one also. Make sure to get the correct one.

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