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Thread: EPIA M10000 (Nehemiah) Correct drivers and files

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    EPIA M10000 (Nehemiah) Correct drivers and files

    Edit: installed latest drivers, everything going great now, use the drivers at

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    Ive heard if you lower the Hardware acceleration one notch in the display properties, it speeds up some of the videos/visulaizations.

    Try that.

    Im using the latest drivers.
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    I am having the same issue.. cpu @ 100% when i start roadrunner. I have had this board for quite a while and just now starting to get back into trying to prep it for car use. I have been trying to figure this out myself.. I see a lot of people running this board and having no problems. I think it may be somewhat of a hardware issue.. I am only guessing here as i have very little background in motherboard arch. or electronics. I think that maybe some of these boards suffer from some defect. And I have one of them. I can say that one day about a month ago I was messing around with installing windows for the first time on the board, and i heard a loud pop come from the vicinity of the board. I had my head turned at the time but i know it had to come from the board. I pulled the power cord and checked it... nothing looked fried or felt hot, but i have noticed several capacitors that looked a little pushed out on the tops... Maybe this could be the culprit? I cannot speak for performance before this as I never hooked it up in the 3 years i owned it until that day.
    Could a capacitor cause such an issue?
    Just curious

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    Update to the latest drivers and it should work fine.

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    Avogodro: Yea it looks like you have bad capacitors, especially if the tops are popped out. The old M10ks were effected by the bad capacitor problem, theres a long thread about it on the Via forums.

    As for the high resource useage playing mp3s, I have no idea. Right out of the box on my M10k, mp3s played just fine. WMAs are the ones that give me high cpu useage. Ive never found a fix to that, I just ended up converting all my wmas to mp3. Maybe try reinstalling the onboard sound drivers?

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