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Thread: Antenna question

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    I have my GPS ant. 'in' the dash sitting on top of the heating/AC ducts and get 8-9 locks all the time.

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    What GPS antenna do you guys recommend with good in-car performance? I have a GPS Mouse (Ebay 2004) that has never worked very good on my dash. It was working quite well in my rear window, but stopped being able to lock to more than 2 birds after I tinted my windows. I currently have it up front again, but I periodically will lose full service.

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    I bought the BU 353 from the store here and have been happy with it. Like others, i have it sitting on my dash by the heat vent. The cables are tucked away clean and you hardly notice it. Never had a problem with reception, even on cloudy days.

    The downfall with the combination GPS/CELL/WIFI antenna sold here is the fact that it provides 0 db gain for wifi. Add to the fact that you lose signal strength with every inch of cable, you could in fact get worse reception than before.


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