Keep your pants on Bug!

Calling someone a DumbA$$ once, is hardly what I and most other sensible people would call a 'personal attack'!!! :wack:

And your comment about not saying it to your face is ridiculous too! Why would he not do that, because you are a 7ft tall WWF wrestler? If that was the case, your comment is as good as a threat! Which is also not tolerated on here.

I call it like it is, if I thought you were a DumbA$$ then I would tell you to your face regardless, and hope you had the sense of humour to take the comment the way in which it was intended.

Your claims of 15 second posts had me sat in the car for a good few hours as I can't play with BIOS through RDP. So take your abuse on the chin

Ofcourse you could also delete all trace of this post with your super powers

Why are peeps so touchy on here these days?