I manage to get me a broken Mercdese MCS system:

Idea is to take the old screen off,attche a small touchscreen and use the buttons to control Centrafuse.
As you can see unit has a lot of different buttons:


So when I press NAVI CF opens my navigation program.
And when I turn the volume knob , volume goes up or down.

Only problem that I have is how to do this?
What can I use to make this possible?

At this moment i'm using my Space Navigator to control CF,using shork-keys.

I think that something like this would be nice to have. For instance I could configure that touchng the NAVI buttos ia the same as : ALT+1.
And then tell CF that ALT+1 opens my navigation.

I think that this upgrade to work on during the winter

Hoep you guys can give me a push in to the right direction.