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Thread: How do u add ID tags to your mp3s?

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    Question How do u add ID tags to your mp3s?

    How do u add ID tags to your mp3s?
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    Very easy! There are many programs out there that can edit MP3 ID tags. I personally like MP3/Tag Studio cause it does mass ID tags based on the file name. If you only have a few you want to edit you can use Winamp to edit them. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    I like PhatMan.
    It has the jukebox style and It can also write to more than one mp3 at a time.
    I tried the mp3 tag studio one but I lost a lot of id3 info on files that had good id3 tags but not all the id3 info in the filename. (Just my experience with it) If you use it right I'm sure it works great!
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