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Thread: smallest car PC ever for sale on ebay

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    smallest car PC ever for sale on ebay

    this thing is freakin tiny...the size of a 3.5 hard drive!!!

    selling for $1000.......ya that sounds steep until you see retail.....$6K HOLY !!!

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    Meh, can't wait for stuff like this to start coming out with a decent processor. That with an intel atom would rock...

    It looks so shoddy, the freakin IDE port is OUTSIDE the case... I mean wtf.

    Good find tho, always nice to see new ideas.

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    Oh my goodness, that thing is tiny!

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    Hate to see who actually buys that thing. 256mb RAM and 32mb video RAM? Bet it would just scream with XP loaded. Scream and then die. lol

    I'm just upset that I don't have a slot loaded external DVD/RW in my dash anymore. I couldn't.....he says they are the only ones that have it. I hate it when my hardware disappears like that.

    The prices for their add-ons leads me to believe they don't sell a lot of these.
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