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Thread: Diagnostic help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackcobra487 View Post
    Ok, an update.

    I just got the system to successfully boot! I don't know what's different, but it's running fine. Although during the Intel splash screen I hit F7 to get into the bios but it went straight to startup. Also, it seems this only works once every few tries.
    Sounds like RAM is bad or dirty. Maybe clean the contacts.
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    you apparently have a loose connection somewhere. reseat the memory, electrical connections etc. make sure while plugging in any molex connector that they are seated firmly. Once in a while, a single wire may pop loose from the connector housing and go unnoticed leaving you with the predicament you're in.

    Tap the edge of the motherboard with a screwdriver handle while powering up the puter to see if there is any change in inconsistent start up. Hopefully that will lead you in the right direction. Report back your findings.

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    As much as I would love for it to be a loose connection, I feel it's something more. Here's why.

    I hooked it up again and it started up first try. Was running it for a little while no problem. Was able to get it to standby and resume without an issue. But I can't get the computer to restart. It'll shut down, but won't come back up. If i short the mobo power pins, nothing happens unless I cut power from the PSU for a little while before trying again.

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