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Thread: Need help upgrade SQ CARPC

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    Need help upgrade SQ CARPC

    hello guy's

    I'm new here at
    and i need help upgrading my carpc.

    My sound system is great, my present carputer is via 1.0 mhz with 40g 2.5 HDD, 512ddr and onbord sound that plugged to my HU.

    I want to plan a high-end SQ carpc that will pluged directly to my amp.

    1) There is better mother board and cpu for SQ ?
    or i can go on good with regular MB and CPU

    2) If i will add OBD, tv etc' can it damage my SQ?

    3) i want to buy the m4-atx power supply, will it have disadvantage ? although i can buy the m2-atx?

    4) now for the sound card, what's yours advice? i need line input for BT hand free, voice recognition, and i need only a stereo, i dont car if it's USB or pci plug, the budget is around the 200$ +-

    Thanks guys.
    Hope my english is not so bad.

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    The best piece of advice when building a SQ setup, is it's only going to be as good as the weakest link...
    So I assume you researched amps, drivers, etc....

    With that said, we need to know if you want to go active crossovers or passive crossovers...also, is it just front stage or front and rear?

    My setup is active crossovers (Controlled thru AudioMulch) with front/rear staging thru 2-way tweeters/drivers + sub...(also VU meter output)
    That's 11 output channels! So I'm running 2 sound cards...not the easiest feat to pull off!
    Here is a shot of Audiomulch and my current setup...

    Something like that, you WILL need more CPU and memory for sure.
    If your running just front stage, passive + sub, your current machine should be fine.

    Sound cards? You will CERTAINLY want something better than onboard...
    I run a pair of ASUS Xonar D2 PCI cards...
    Although not the cheapest, you can certainly do MUCH worse than these! Remember...weakest link!

    And of course, cabling...not a lot of quality stuff available with 1/8" to I made my own, with RCA chassis mounts as well...

    But if your looking to go SQ, I'm afraid $200 isn't going to go very far...

    Also, I'd stay away from the M4's and M2's...I've had terrible luck with them.

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    Thanks for the answer.

    I alreay have good sound system and i want to upgade het too (but later)

    I'm using only front speakers, with passive crossover, and sub of course.

    The 200$ budget is just for the start, later i will purchase somthing really really good.

    I thing i will go on the intel "dg45fc" motherboard with good CPU.

    My biggest dilemma is what sound card to buy?
    Maby there is things that i dont know i need?


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