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Thread: Adding battery to system

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    I put in a second battery last Christmas and it was one of the best things I've done. Before that I felt like i was rolling the dice every time I turned the key. I never really knew if the car was going to start. Although I set the pc to standby on power down, there where plenty of times when the PC locked up and refused to power down. The DSATX didn't have a hard kill feature until the latest firmware.

    Like above, I used a constant duty relay, (a used stinger sr200 from ebay). The battery I got is a deep cycle, dry cell (Odyssey PC925MJ) and it fits under the storage compartment in my center console.

    The reason you don't want a battery isolator (aka split charge relay), as explained to me by an engineer at a battery factory, is that there is a significant voltage drop across its internal components, and the battery would not be properly recharged.

    With the constant duty relay, it physically separates the batteries when the car is off and reconnects them while running (acc hot actually). I have not thus far had any problems cranking.

    I purchased a cheapo amp wiring kit to connect them together and there were just a few other parts necessary that I was able to get from Walmart or Autozone.

    Good luck.
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    well, its true there is a voltage loss but it wouldnt matter for a 12v pc system. for car audio- YES, you loose a lot of power every point you go down from 14.4v. but pc's just need 12v, and thats easy with a battery and isolator. the isolators are made for this purpose specifically, to charge a second battery and use it without killing or ****in up your first battery. as far as 'properly charging'... i guess it could take a little longer to reach 12v but youre not going to hurt a car battery by charging it with less amps then normal....

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