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Thread: New to CarPC's, have my setup planned out...

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    New to CarPC's, have my setup planned out...

    just bought a gigabyte lga775 micro-atx board that will fit behind my jumpseat in my ranger. it will run a celeron 440 conroe 35w chip, with probably 4 gb ram. i want this to eventually run windows 7 because of the media center touchscreen interface (its going to be sweet!)

    ill get a m4 power supply, or maybe something a little smaller... but where my main question is the battery. i was planning on installing a second battery in my truck just for the pc- it will run off a battery isolator.

    is this a good idea? i was hoping to have at least a couple hours of running time with the car off, that way i can transfer files and stuff while the truck is parked. i just want to make sure im not overlooking something major with this.

    thanks in advance!

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    Having a second battery for the Car PC is never a bad idea!

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