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Thread: Just thought I'd share.

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    Just thought I'd share.

    I was recently looking for fan grills that matched my car better. i came across this very very cheap site that sells things for amazing prices. One thing that caught my attention though were 2 USB soundcards. I guess they are made for laptops, because they only have a sound out and mic in port. One seems to be a standard card and only runs $6.95, thats a amazing deal. Then to get even more amazing, they have one that comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound, that only costs $7.95. This would be nice for trucks or cars that only use 2 speakers. I decided to buy the Virtual Surround Sound version since my 15" in the back has the ability to use IR headphones. Here is the link to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    see around, its the general price for noname usb soundcards...

    virtual 7.1 > this should be a CMedia CM101-119 chip, and this option is a really big bull*****!!! its only a reverberation + bassboost, sounds horrible > i disabled it immediately... i have a CM108 in my car. the sound quality is average, but there is no real bitperfect kernel streaming support... now im working on a PCM2706 based stuff, its quality is much better. the only advantage of CMI is the EAX2.0 support for games > nothing...
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