Howdy gang!

I'm starting to realize why people never say their setup is 100%. Just when I was getting close to a decision, a new opportunity arises!

I was originally going to get an Intel DG45FC mobo with an Intel E7300 processor.
Around 2 gb ram

A co-worker is selling his Dell XPS M1210 for $600.
2gb ram
120gb(I would like to upgrade this to at least 300-500gb)
THREE years left on the complete dell coverage

Would you go with a custom built mini-itx PC that will generally stay in the car. But would also make a great HTPC with the harware it's boasting. Or would you go with the XPS with some sort of docking idea that can be used in the car or on the go?

For some reason I am drawing complete blanks as to exact specs...but here are a few links.

Dell XPS

Intel DG45FC

I like the idea of having a PC which is built into and around the car(not necessary impossible with a laptop however). Especially seeing it will be my lifeline for music/media(Going to be a quiet drive if I run out of the house in a hurry ). However, I've always wanted a laptop...and the XPS creates the best of both worlds.