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    Post display question

    i was looking at an 8.4 inch display, but it looks like that may not fit. what is the next standard size down from that, and is the screen big enough to use for using winamp, playing dvds, using GPS software, etc? i really want to use the 8.4 inch screen, but i will move down to like a 6 incher if it still can handle windows and dvds and such.



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    I think a 6 inch screen would be more than enough for GPS and winamp (especially if you put winamp on dbl size). I am getting a six inch screen, I might even go smaller.

    a smaller screen mounted in the dash looks cooler than a large one. In my opinion...the larger the screen the more of a computer geek you look like...

    I don't know, its just my opinion...

    something I did to help me pick a size was to draw some rectangles that posess the same dimensions, then shrink down a screenshot of winamp to the size of what the screen would be...



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