Merry Xmas eve!

First, I realized this is 95% meant for the MACcar forum, however, I think it has a practical use in this forum as well. Please delete if you feel it is unnecessary.

I started thinking about a carPC after seeing how little you can modify an alpine/pioneer/etc double din unit. I already have a strong list of components I can use specifically for a car. However, with the release of the new macbook pro...I've decided to investigate it's use as a carPC.

As mentioned, a dedicated carPC led me to mp3car...etc. However, a laptop would fit more of my needs in the end. Here is a list of tasks depending on the route I take:

Dedicated CarPC:
Phone integration
Possible OBDII integration
Possible wireless connection(via tethered phone)

Laptop Uses(If I chose this route):
Wirless Connection(Via wifi or tethered phone)
HTPC use(if the unit is powerful enough)
A bit of gaming, nothing too intense

This thread will act as a bit of a notepad per-say. Any useful information I find(Macbook related) will be posted here so that I may receive some input/comments/suggestions from other users!!

I am currently looking at the 15" model(MB470LL/A).
# Operation System: Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
# Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
# Memory: 2GB DDR3
# Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT / NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
# Display: 15.4" WXGA+
# Hard Drive: 250GB
# Optical Drive: 8x slot-loading SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
# Communication: Gigabit LAN and WLAN
# Model #: MB470LL/A

  • I FINALLY get a laptop!!!!!
  • Bootcamp & Parallels Desktop=The best of both worlds!
  • A macbook/laptop is much more versatile than a mini-itx unit. It's mobile!
  • Besides the lack of CarPC support for Mac, the OS should be more stable than Windows(Bootcamp will perform tasks that Mac cannot. Provides versatility)
  • Mini Display Port. Works with dvi/hdmi. Most mini-itx mobos are stock with VGA. Pointless on a xenarc, but useful everywhere else

  • How to power a $2000 laptop?
  • How to dock a $2000 laptop
  • Front End software is lacking...
  • ...Did I mention the price?? lol
  • How to use a laptop for everyday use, but also integrate frontend/Car related software seamlessly. No changing settings when I take the unit in the house unless I can create a profile for Car & House. I would need the profile to be easily accessible or even automatic

Docking Solutions:


To be continued as I find stuff throughout the day