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Thread: Voltmeter for computer

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    looks like left pins require a 5v source for power and the right goes to the battery you want to measure did you get any documentation with it?

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    nope none, thats why I got it for like 12 bucks shipped. What is a 5v source and should I be alright just using 18 gauge wire to measure the battery?

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    Looks like you just need a 5v regulator or just use the power from a USB port (just get the polarity right first!!). oh, and yeah you can use any gauge wire to measure volts as it only requires a small amount of current to read the voltage.

    Normally automotive type volt meters don't require a separate supply to measure voltage, so it looks like this unit can measure all the way down to 0 volts (providing that 5v is active all the time).

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    wow thanks for all the reactions,
    yeah the separate volt meter i have thougt of that
    but its nicer if its integrated ofcourse in the computer
    im using centrafuse and got a elm327 scanner also
    i will try with some other programs to see if i can get the voltage on my computer screen

    thanks for the response everybody

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