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Thread: ROCKFORD FOSGATE PUNCH 200 Amp w/ 3 Ohm Sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    screw the resistor and just hook up the sub straight as bridged. youll have a 3-ohm load on a 4-ohm rated configuration, its pretty close. just watch your amp, if it gets too hot to touch just turn back the gain a little. being a fosgate amp i doubt it will have a problem running bridged at 3 ohm.
    This is my vote as well. Lower impedance means that amp can deliver more power to the speaker(s), but really it's only going to deliver as much power as you ask it to. At everyday listening levels it'll be fine. If/when you crank it up, keep an eye on the amp's temperature, turn it down if it gets hot, and keep it under that level in the future.

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    If its an old school RF amp it probably won't have any problem running the 3 ohm load.

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